Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Increase VS Decrease

Social media has recently been open to everyday citizens that are able to edit, publish, and be their own author for news and information. This has definitely become a great impact on what resources are reliable and unreliable. Everyone has his or her favourite “go to” web pages, or news. Due to the technology today, social media is one of the fastest and instantaneous ways to view and read the news and other information you’re interested in. My argument would be that social media has increased the information we have access to, but also decreased the quality of the information that is being released. All though the information has increased its hard to trust particular authors and editors because we don’t know if the information is true or false. One of the sites I never trust, and we aren’t even aloud to use for school is Wikipedia. Anyone can add information to Wikipedia whether it’s right or wrong. Unfortunately not many of us are aware of the certain sites that we shouldn’t be getting our resources from. I feel that a lot of the controversy for this topic can be avoided if users were to site their information, or even tell us how they know from their own experience. In most cases, when you’re asking a personal question you will notice people respond with stuff that has happened with them that will help you relate to your situation. When it comes to the quality of the information being broadcasted I feel the authors aren’t reaching to the potential some users are looking for. I notice for myself that I have to go to at least five different web pages to get the proper information I am looking for in particular cases. At the end of the day the internet, news, and other information gets us where we need to be and answers are questions. I feel the quality being put into these resources could be updated with more accurate and efficient data. Also not everyone should be aloud to be an editor or author because we feel stupid when the information we share with others is incorrect. 

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  1. I agree that lots of websites have become unreliable sources of information, but other than Wikipedia, maybe students of all ages are still uninformed of what is and isn’t reliable. It is also interesting that you said, it would be smart for people to just simply cite where they’re obtaining their information. But regardless, the internet will forever be filled with useless and false information looking to target more of an audience based on entertainment, than on solid truthful information or news. In the smaller picture, questions are asked and answers are received through the simple means of a search engine, but like you said I don’t think users needs are really being met.
    Ps. It's allowed, not aloud :)