Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Social Media Leads to Social Change

In my perspective I think social media can result in potential social change. Social media has been brought to a whole new level, and it is being used in various ways. There are multiple networking sites for today’s day and age: from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. With these media applications it allows us to share the news, fun facts, photos, personal blogging posts and so on. Because of this access it has made social change a great impact on many of our lives. The latest news that I can relate to this topic is “Kony 2012.” Due to the use of social media “Kony 2012” became one of the trending topics on both Twitter and Facebook, even YouTube. This recent outbreak even made the national news; in less than hours this matter went viral. The creators of “Kony 2012” are using media applications to make Joseph Kony famous.  They are reaching out to everyone across the coast to make them aware of this campaign, what better way to do it than through the media. This goes to show that social media can make contributions to social change. Everyone uses social media on a daily basis. The littlest things such as clothing trends, new music, and celebrity gossip has made a general impact on people around the world. I strongly disagree with Gladwell’s statement about social media not being able to make social change. Look around you, there’s a new change in the social atmosphere almost every day.  At the end of the day we each have different personalities and our own trends. Social media has brought new opportunities and ideas for everyone to take part in. We may not think so, and Gladwell might disagree but we all follow the trends and social change that the media has brought into this world. 

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